Home Fragrances

Explore our Amazing Selection of Home Fragrances

At Bos Treasure Box LLC, you’ll find an amazing selection of products ranging from body butter to home fragrances, gifts, and more. When it comes to our incredible home fragrances, we offer a myriad of amazing options to choose from. Read on to learn more about our home fragrance products that will have your home smelling incredible.

  • Our room spray is available in a wide variety of pleasing scents to make every room of your home smell fresh and clean. Pick from our vast selection of scents and use the spray in a bathroom, living room, bedroom, or kitchen. This item also makes a fantastic housewarming gift or as a thoughtful gift for newlyweds, too.

  • Browse our selection of home fragrance oils that you can add to an essential oil diffuser. Just a few drops of this oil mixed with water will emit a home-filling fragrance that lasts for hours. Our home fragrance oils come in two-ounce size bottles and feature a wide variety of fantastic scents to choose from.

  • Another popular home fragrance item is our wax melts. Add a chunk of these wonderful-smelling melts to your wax melter and let the fragrance fill your home. Each wax melt bar comes in six separate sections for long-lasting enjoyment. Not only can you choose from one of our many signature fragrances listed on the website, but you can also request a custom scent, too.

  • In addition to our wonderful home fragrances, don’t forget to check out our handmade body butter. This skin-softening body butter hydrates, brightens, repairs, and smooths dry skin. It’s also cruelty-free so you’ll have a body care product you can feel good about buying. Each body butter comes in a four-ounce clear glass jar with a top to keep it fresh.

  • To sample our home fragrances, try the home fragrance set that includes two ounces of our oil, two ounces of home fragrance spray, and a mini travel oil.